Marketing on YouTube is hot now. YouTube popularity as video promotional search engine is outstanding, as there are about 4 billions of total views per day and about 20 billion videos placed during certain months. In general, Internet viewing has definitely occupied the leading position compared to traditional TV viewing, Internet video viewing and mobile video viewing.

Before spending your marketing budget for YouTube services it is necessary to be aware that viewing competition is outstanding. Therefore, one must follow several recommendations to maximize the video promotional results.

#1: Your YouTube video must be compelling

The ability to compete successfully depends not on the modern programming available but rather on the content of your video. To make the right video you need to know the needs of your target market very well and act correspondingly. Your product or service, like your video, has to be valuable and helpful, first of all, the rule for marketing on YouTube. A good video presents a video instruction or illustration which is often referred to by the viewers. One can include expert consultations and explanations, clients’ opinions about the products, slide shows and the like.

It may also be advised to read more on the issues of video integration, social media marketing, and peculiar technical aspects.

#2: Your video must be easily found

It is vitally important that your video often occupy the first lines of different search engines, the top of the page position being the priority for your promoters. How to attract attention to your video correctly? Mind three below steps:

  1. Your video title must include the keywords, even if you have to add a colon after the introduction and insert the necessary words there.

  2. The description must start with the full URL (there may several ones be used) and be as descriptive as possible. The searchers are looking for the information you provide, so, please, give them the right wording. Optionally you may create links from the descriptive text straight to your video.

  3. Arrange the exact and right tags.

  4. Promote your video by drawing attention to its already gained popularity. There are services, e.g. views, likes, etc. which testify to the importance of your video product.

#3: Arrange your own brand channeling

It’s not absolutely necessary to spend huge budget for branding. Successful brand depends more on popular design which you have to choose and implement. Make yourself noticeable and recognized in the Internet!

Player View and Autoplay Featured Video are the means to bring you utmost efficiency. You are advised to make Playlists placing the best content in the right place. They give your videos a structured form, which is also recognized.

#4: Add annotations to YoutTube videos

Annotation is the means to make the views perform some actions; click for some more information, for example. Thus you are drawing attention to the variety of additional materials you have already placed.

#5: Create the Post Bulletin Tab

Link the Bulletin to the homepages of your views and you again grab their attention. By renewing the information you keep reminding of yourself, thus making the audience used to your materials and brands constantly.

#6: Place Advertisements

YouTube advertisements are very popular are they are much cheaper than Google or Facebook texts and get straight to your video by clicking. Bidding on keywords in YouTube is also appropriate. Nowadays CTA or call-for-action adds are very popular as they lead you to websites as well.

#7: Make use of other popular media platforms

To make your video more shareable you may create a blog with interesting and useful content, increasing your search results. Besides, usage of sharing buttons makes it easier to spread your content with the help of users. Good content is widely used by Facebook, Twitter.

Nowadays it is also popular to visit StumbleUpon and get the most of using this popular social media site.

#8: Review YouTube Analytics

Review the results of your marketing on YouTube efforts. YouTube Analytics gives you sufficient information about your target market as it studies your viewers. You have to review its reports daily to find out what makes some videos more popular in comparison with others.


By using the above mentioned YouTube marketing tips and techniques you can successfully market your business or video promotion. However, they are just the basic ones, and you may crate your own becoming real professionals in this field.