Through the years of daily practice a certain search algorithm was developed for YouTube video optimization. With small discrepancies it usually includes:

  1. Creation of a good title
  2. Posting a description with key-words
  3. Choosing the right tags
  4. Increasing the number of views
  5. Arranging competitive rating

The above items are helpful in winning the first lines not only on YouTube, but on Google as well. Several tips may improve your overall results. Particularly, they refer to:

  1. Content of chosen ideas. Nowadays the most popular videos explain “how to do something”.
  2. Research of competitors. One can click on “Statistics & data” of the competitor’s page and analyze the most important factors making this video a success.
  3. Video dimensions. The old video size (format 4:3) is still considered more appropriate and universally used.
  4. Description secrets. It’s advised not to make any description longer than 27 characters. Also placing a clickable URL in the first line of the description makes great sense.
  5. Special video images. The most popular are call-to-action and thumbnails. You may also brand a phone number, the site URL etc.
  6. Adding comments with URLs.
  7. Piggybacking on the existing popularity becomes easier if you choose very similar keywords and titles to the world’s famous brands.
  8. Building links is also recommended by SEO if referred to the videos in “Recent activity” section.
  9. Making use of Insight feature. This option enables you to learn about the source of views, demographics of the viewers, video views over time, sites linked to your video, geography of views and the degree of popularity of different video parts.
  10. Remember that you may optimize your website with the video on YouTube. How to do that? First of all, you should make a special text-optimized page for each of the chosen videos. You may also add a description or a link to the YouTube page with the specially written text including the major keywords. This description is to be submitted to to each video site you may find.

Google Website Optimizer is developed to assist you in determining which video performs best. Google Analytics will help you to learn which video is the leader and why.