The channel has seriously occupied the 2nd position in the list of the universal search engines, therefore, it’s high time for every user placing a video on YouTube to master SEO. The present article is to give you a better understanding of your videos optimization process aimed at maximum exposure and organic rankings of your YouTube videos. Below are several tips to arrange the most effective video traffic enhancing search possibilities:

Make Your Keyword Research

Keyword research is of particular and sometimes even major importance in Video SEO because all search engines have competitive character. It doesn’t take much time to do the right research uncovering those peculiar niche terms that improve your video ranking. In case you need right keywords for your video titled “Love Story” you have to discover some niches within the great variety of related terms. Something like a more niche term “Unique Medina’s Love Story”.

Finding the right keywords you significantly decrease the competition in the video market. It takes little time to uncover some niche terms extremely important for your videos, but the result is great, as your video appears in a less competitive landscape to rank in.

Secrets of Title & Description Choice

The right keywords are almost as important as titles and descriptions of the videos you promote. We are giving you several examples.

Title – Unique Medina’s Love Story – Emotional Confession about Unique Love Story by Medina (It’s better to begin and finish with those keywords targeted for the best expected results.)

Description – The well-read and targeted video description is based on the professional SEO copywriting. One may arrange a link leading straight to the website; others prefer not to do that. No doubt, your URL is greatly exposed, however it distracts from the characters aimed at making the user view your video. Both ways are good to try, as only practice makes perfect and allows us to find the right way. It’s obviously worth using several “related” terms particularly relevant to your keyword. Keywords must be Key Words carrying the most important information, and the description is aimed at making the user take action. Therefore, it’s good if the description is informative, enigmatic, fascinating and sometimes even challenging for the viewers.

Tags – Adding tags to videos is a common practice nowadays. It’s generally recommended to choose about not more than ten tags for one video. Exceeding this figure you might need special video content with phrases used for more specific targeting or ranking.

Identifying Link Partners

Video SEO includes identifying link partners as one of its most important components. Video SEO is very similar to website promotion and search optimization, in both cases you need secret sauce that allows you to beat your competitors for rankings. If you have ever studied link building guidelines for your website SEO you’ll be surprised that they are almost the same.

The first thing you can do is to arrange a blog linked to the posted video. Usually qualitative content is the welcomed by the blog owners together with unique video content. For instance, you may use

Study the competition by searching for the keywords in YouTube and identifying the top ranking videos. Competitors may become your teachers in this respect: usually their video URL’s appear in particular internet landscapes, what can easily be found out using the most popular search engines. As soon as you have studied the target market of your competitors’ videos you may submit yours to those sites as well as similar sites, in excess. Then all the information gathered may be split into the most prominent categories (to be chosen yourself) and ways may be developed to win the audience of these same channels. You may go further and discover new target areas. Identifying good “video” link partners helps to save time and efforts searching links for future videos when their contents is relevant.

Your Video Must be Relevant

Entering YouTube and Google you are to provide some additional relevance of your video, i.e. what it is about. Again look at your link partners example whose links correspond to the main site topic and find your own way of providing welcomed videos. To associate your video to a group of others with similar relevant content you may use the Video Reply option. Still it’s considered somewhat “spammy” technique today, and I only recommend replying not more than 1-2 videos.