By Jo Linsdell

What you learn through YouTube Analytics can help you create a better strategy for your channel and produce content that will improve your overall ranking. This tools let’s you analyse the performance of your channel and individual video’s to see which video’s are getting the best results and therefore enables you to create content that will appeal more to your audience and gain more actions.

Here’s a few tips for how you can use YouTube Analytics to track your visitors:

1) Start by taking an expanded view so you can identify when there have been changes in the viewership of your video’s. You can then take a closer look at related video’s to see what worked well and what didn’t.

2) Take a look at your top performing video’s from your archives so you can better understand why they continue to get good results.

3) Indentify which days and weeks gained the best results and use it to build a posting strategy e.g. if you discover that your video’s get most views and actions on Wednesdays you’ll know to focus your publishing schedule to concentrate on that day of the week.

4) Take a look at the dates when you had either a significant gain or lose in subscribers to measure the impact of your content and identify what strategies produced more viewer reactions.

5) Assess your traffic sources to see how viewers are discovering your content. You can also use these statistics to measure what cross promotions and other actions are driving traffic to your content.

6) Use the Audience Retention statistics to identify the optimal length for your video’s.

7) Download your reports so you have an on-going record of your channels performance.

Through a continued use of YouTube Analytics you’ll be able to track your visitors preferences and create your content, posting schedule etc to gain the best results from your audience.